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The Best Commercial Flooring Contractors in NJ

If you are planning a new commercial carpet or commercial flooring project for your office or work space, contact Floors Direct today. Our team of industry professionals will guide you through the process of purchasing the best commercial flooring option for your situation. We are committed to making the process easy and efficient while adding value to your space with our quality products and expert commercial flooring installations.

Commercial Carpet

We carry the all of the best commercial carpet brands. Choose from durable and stylish designs in 12′ and 15′ widths.



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Commercial Carpet Tiles

Modular carpet tiles and carpet tile planks are a great option for office spaces, lobbies, and conference rooms alike. The incredible durability and endless design options make carpet tiles and planks a great option for any commercial project. The easy replacement of damaged tiles or planks makes this flooring type a favorite of maintenance departments eveywhere.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Commercial vinyl tile, commercial vinyl plank, and commercial sheet vinyl flooring make an excellent choice for anything from an office kitchen or bathroom, to a liquor store or restaurant floor. These incredibly durable and waterproof flooring options come in many modern styles and wood looks.

Commercial Hardwood Flooring

The invention of new high performance finishes have allowed for the introduction of commercial hardwood flooring to the market. Nothing beats the warm, tactile nature and the look of real wood flooring. Commercial wood flooring comes in a variety of hardwood species including oak, ash, hickory, and maple.

The bottom line is, we have the product to meet your needs. We are committed to making the process easy and efficient while adding value and style to your space. You can’t go wrong with our quality products and expert commercial flooring installations.


Corporate spaces often require creative commercial flooring solutions. Floors direct offers borders, insets, mosaics, carpet cove, whatever your designer can dream of. We offer durable carpeting and vinyl options for high traffic areas, or designer hardwood flooring for conference rooms and the like.
Commercial carpet flooring in Bedminster, NJ from Floors Direct

Main Street Retail

We offer designer styles, professional installation, and 5 star service to our main street retailers. Whether your remodeling or building a new retail clothing store, car dealership, liquor store, or grocery, Floors Direct has the best selection of commercial flooring solutions. Our expert installation teams work with your schedule to ensure your project is done on time and on budget.

Restaurants, Halls, & Catering

If you need commercial flooring for a restaurant, hall, or catering facility, Floors Direct provides an amazing selection. As with all of our clients, we will help you select the best option for your needs. Our goal is to always add value to every environment. From commercial carpet to the latest LVP, LVT, and commercial hardwood advancements, we have the product to meet your needs. Floors Direct has been a valuable resource to businesses and commercial builders throughout New Jersey for years. Our ability to execute our projects on time and on budget is top notch. If you have any questions about our commercial flooring please contact us today. We look forward to gaining your trust and your business.