Hardwood Floor Refinishing Westfield, NJ

If you need hardwood floor refinishing in Westfield, NJ, look no further. Floors Direct specializes in sanding and refinishing hardwood floors. This project is a perfect example of what can be accomplished by professional hardwood floor refinishing companies. The wood floor in our clients second floor bedroom may have looked unsalvageable to many people. Our expert team was able to restore the wood to its natural beauty. They also matched it to the rest of the existing hardwood flooring in the home which was an unstained natural white oak.

Hardwood Floor Repair

This white oak flooring had some damaged planks as well as a thick layer of old adhesive from some previously installed vinyl flooring. Before we could start refinishing the floor, we had to repair the gouged and damaged boards. Our crew carefully removed all of the offending boards and replaced them with matching 2 1/4″ solid white oak planks.

Floor Sanding

Whenever you are sanding and refinishing hardwood floors, you have to take in to consideration the type of existing finish or the existence of contaminants like we encountered here. These factors will determine how low of a grit you will start your sanding sequence with. In order to remove the adhesive layer we started with hand scraping and a low grit sand paper. We continued sanding the floor with finer and finer grit paper until it was ready for us to start the actual wood refinishing.

Wood Floor Refinishing

After discussing the options with our client, the decision was made to use a water based polyurethane finish. The choice to use a water based vs, oil based finish came down to the fact that the family, which included children, were living in the home while the floor was being refinished. We wanted to mitigate the VOC’s and offgasing that can occur with oil based products.