The Washington’s Headquarters Museum is located at 30 Washington Pl, Morristown, NJ 07960, in the heart of the Morristown National Historical Park and offers tours of the Ford Mansion, where George Washington lived during the Revolutionary War. The museum also features a Visitor’s Center and a collection of Revolutionary War memorabilia, including a West Point chain link that was used to block the British from sailing up the Hudson River. Look here

It was founded in 1779 by John Morton, a Basking Ridge resident and signer of the Declaration of Independence. Morton donated land to Washington’s troops at the Morristown encampment and provided housing for the medical staff. George Washington dined with the Morton family and gave them special praise on Independence Day in 1777.

The museum also features exhibits on the lives of the founding fathers of the United States. Washington died in 1799. He was succeeded by Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. The museum also offers interactive exhibits that explain the events of the Revolution and how these men shaped American life. The museum also displays the personal items of these leaders.

One of Washington’s personal possessions is his field bedstead. The bedstead is made of mahogany and has four sections. The bed is marked “Pye Finch Cornhill/London” and has fittings for leather straps and steel rowels. The bedstead was used by Washington and his wife during the winter at Valley Forge.

The Thomas Edison National Historical Park is a thirty-minute drive from Morris County. It is located near Thomas Edison’s laboratory. Visitors can view exhibits on his inventions and visit the Thomas Edison Family Home. The home was purchased by Thomas Edison in 1886 for his bride Mina Miller Edison. The estate has 29 rooms and Pottier & Stymus interiors. my website