Located at Geology Hall, 85 Somerset St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, on the campus of Rutgers University, the Rutgers Geology Museum is an excellent place to learn about rock and mineral formations. It is free to visit and offers exhibits of fossils, rocks, and Native American artifacts. The museum also offers sponsored talks on geology and free group tours.

The museum also hosts fun events for children, including the annual Open House. This event includes hands-on activities for children, a fossil show, and arts and crafts for visitors of all ages. The museum also hosts themed Late Nights at the Museum, which have included dinosaurs, Egypt, and the Ice Age. The museum also hosts birthday parties for children.

The museum’s Friends of the Geology Museum group was formed in the 1990s to strengthen the connection between staff and museum patrons. It is comprised of active museum members, undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and museum staff. The group works to improve the educational value of the museum and improve the experience of visitors. Our site

The Fossil Gallery houses a large selection of fossils from around the world. Highlights include a wall of glowing fluorescent rocks, a cast of a Tyrannosaurus rex skull, and a 22-foot-long skeleton of a Cryolophosaurus dinosaur. There are also hands-on activities and a gift shop.

If you’re interested in learning more about rock and mineral specimens, consider joining the museum’s Ask a Geologist virtual series. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the museum hosts this interactive series. Guests can ask questions about volcanoes, plate tectonics, and human evolution, among other topics. These activities keep the museum connected to the community and promote further research. And don’t forget to check out the museum’s website for upcoming events.

The Rutgers Geology Museum is celebrating its 50th Anniversary with the 50th Annual Open House. The museum will also be exhibiting the remains of Alesi, an infant ape skull found in Kenya last year. There’s no shortage of fascinating exhibits at the Rutgers Geology Museum. Try this

The Bob Campbell Geology Museum features a collection of 10,000 fossils and rocks, and is an invaluable resource for science students and researchers. The museum is also home to the Paleontology Museum, which displays over 1,000 fossils. Its collection also includes dinosaur bones, crinoids, and mosasaurs, and fossil plants.