Royce Valley is a beautiful, hilly town on the eastern side of New Jersey. You can enjoy its natural beauty and visit Liberty State Park. This state park is located on the Upper New York Bay in Jersey City, opposite Ellis Island and Liberty Island. The park opened during bicentennial celebrations in 1976 and is operated by the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry.

Royce Valley is located at 41 latitude, -75 longitude. The area has a median household income that follows the national median. You may want to check road conditions before making a trip. There are small towns and communities located nearby. You can also look up distances from Royce Valley to nearby cities and towns. Click here for more

Royce Valley New Jersey is a quiet, safe, and diverse neighborhood that may be considered a retiree’s dream. It has a wide range of housing options for different income levels, and is home to many educated senior citizens and other age groups. It is also much more retiree-friendly than 99.1% of other New Jersey neighborhoods.

The weather in Royce Valley will be cloudy on Friday, with some fog in the morning. Rain will be possible around noon. The relative humidity will be high, 95% at 5 am, and the winds will be breezy. The chance of rain is high, so take care to pack a jacket! Visit the website

The Hamilton/Royce Valley neighborhood is made up of diverse cultures. Although English is the main language of choice in households, other languages are spoken as well. Most residents of the Hamilton / Royce Valley neighborhood speak English at home, but others speak Spanish, Chinese, and Indian languages. It is also home to several immigrants.

The Royce Valley New Jersey ZIP code is 08844. This area is within the 08844 delivery area. If you need to find an address in Royce Valley, you can use the HTL Address Research tool. This software helps you find addresses and government property in New Jersey. Unfortunately, the GNIS feature detail report does not include property ownership information.