When it comes to real estate, Pleasant Hill New Jersey is unique among U.S. neighborhoods because it is almost entirely comprised of single-family homes. This dominance makes the neighborhood stand out because there are few other types of residential real estate. In fact, Pleasant Hill has a higher proportion of single-family homes than 98.1% of other neighborhoods in the country.

The area has a low crime rate and is considered a good place for families. It has a high concentration of single-family home owners, good public schools, and a strong sense of community. Pleasant Hill also has a high percentage of college-educated parents. Despite its small size, this New Jersey neighborhood has all the amenities and conveniences that families need.

A majority of Pleasant Hill’s residents are managers, executives, and clerical workers. These individuals make up a diverse population, and it stands out from other neighborhoods in the U.S. thanks to its unique mobility. This means that you can find people of all ages and backgrounds in the area.

The median real estate price in Pleasant Hill is $789,737. This is more expensive than 89.4% of all New Jersey neighborhoods. Rents are also lower in Pleasant Hill compared to 41.7% of other New Jersey neighborhoods. Pleasant Hill is a suburban community in Chester, New Jersey. There are many amenities in the area, including the Chester Airport, and Chester City Park.

One of the most unique characteristics of Pleasant Hill New Jersey is its diversity. This neighborhood has more Italian residents than any other in the United States, and is also known for its high concentration of managers, executives, and professionals. The neighborhood also boasts more people of Italian ancestry than any other area in the country, and it has a population of Eastern European origin that is slightly higher than average.

There are numerous reasons to live in Pleasant Hill, including the low crime rate. The community has many owner-occupied single-family homes, and it has many amenities for families. Residents of Pleasant Hill also tend to have a sense of community and are highly educated. Whether you’re looking to live with your family, a job, or just a place to relax, Pleasant Hill has everything you need to make a happy home.

One reason to buy real estate in Pleasant Hill, NJ, is because it has a high density of owner-occupied homes. This means that most residents live in a single-family home. This makes the Pleasant Hill neighborhood stand out from other neighborhoods because there are not as many other types of residential real estate. This means that the area is more likely to experience price increases and new construction. View this page

The median price for a home in Pleasant Hill, New Jersey, is $789,737. This is higher than the median price for the rest of New Jersey and the U.S. The average rent is $2,591 per month. It’s not as expensive as the rest of New Jersey, but it’s much lower than the average rent in other areas of the city. Link for info

If you’re planning a trip to Pleasant Hill, New Jersey, make sure to factor in a trip time. It’s possible to drive between the two cities in just over 4 hours and 55 minutes, or you can take public transportation. However, it’s important to know how much time it will take if you’re driving and how much fuel it will cost to get there.