While comparing Hoffmans to nearby cities, it is important to note that the town is not actually the same place. Despite similarities in the names, Hoffmans has its own unique characteristics. The town is located at latitude 41 and longitude -75. The median age of Hoffmans residents is not very easy to gauge. Many residents are homeowners, and the median family size is similar to national statistics.

The township is located in the zachodniej czesci of New Jersey, and is projected to have a population of 128 947 by 2020. It is the 18th most populous hrabstwa in the state. It increased its population by five hundred and forty-two percent between the 2000 and 2010 censuses. Start here for info

The Scherman-Hoffman Sanctuary has a well-maintained trail system that ranges from 0.3 miles to 1.3 miles. The sanctuary is home to over 200 species of birds, including over 60 species of nesting birds. During the spring migration, visitors can see over twenty-five species of warblers. Other wildlife includes Great Horned Owls, Mink, and White-tailed Deer.

There are many outdoor activities in Hoffmans, including fishing, hiking, and ice-fishing. The local government maintains a variety of parks and recreational areas. The area is also considered one of the top hunting grounds in the state. The New Jersey Fish and Game Department has stocked thousands of trout in the area’s streams, and the Department of Parks and Recreation manages the town’s parks and recreational facilities.

Hoffmans’ Ice Cream started as a Carvel franchise in 1955, but the founders of this chain soon found a way to specialize in ice cream and customer service. Today, Hoffman’s is recognized as one of the best ice cream parlors in the state, and uses only the freshest ingredients. It offers 40 different flavors and dozens of toppings. You can also get novelty items and ice cream cakes. Read on right here

The Scherman-Hoffman Sanctuary features well-maintained trails that range from 0.3 miles to 1.3 miles. Along the trails, you can observe more than 60 species of nesting birds. During the spring migration, you may see as many as 25 different species of warblers. You can also see Great Horned Owls, Red Fox, Mink, and White-tailed Deer.