The Ford Mansion in Morristown, New Jersey, is a classic 18th-century American home. It is located at 30 Washington Pl, Morristown, NJ 07960. It was constructed in 1774 by Jacob Ford, Jr. and now serves as the headquarters of Morristown National Historical Park. During the American Revolution, the Ford Mansion served as General George Washington’s headquarters.

General Washington used the mansion as his headquarters during the winter of 1779-1780. The mansion was the largest house in Morristown at that time, so it was the perfect location for Washington to keep an eye on the British. The Ford family occupied the mansion until the 1870s. It was eventually sold to the city.

The Ford Mansion has a Georgian style exterior. It was designed by John Russell Pope and contains original pieces, including the dresser and bed of Martha Washington. Although the interior of the mansion is not wheelchair accessible, it is worth a visit. The Ford Mansion is a fascinating place to learn about the founding fathers.

The Ford Mansion is located in Morristown, New Jersey. It was built in 1772 for an iron manufacturer and Revolutionary militia officer named Jacob Ford Jr. During the winter of 1779-1780, General Washington stayed in the mansion with his aides. The Ford family owned the mansion until 1872, when prominent locals founded the Washington Association of New Jersey and opened it to the public. The Ford Mansion was donated to the Morristown National Historic Park in 1933, which preserves the mansion and several other sites. Official site

George Washington’s visit to the mansion in 1779 was an important milestone in the history of the country. He and his wife Martha were accompanied by eighteen servants and a guard, and they stayed in two rooms of the mansion. After their visit, the house was bought by four prominent New Jersey men. The Washington Association then donated the mansion to the National Park Service and furnished it as it looked during the time of Washington’s stay.

The Ford Mansion is part of the Morristown National Historical Park, which is operated by the National Park Service. The house was built in 1774. It was the residence of Jacob Ford, Jr., who was a successful iron manufacturer. He and his father also owned an iron forge in Whippany. The mansion is now a museum. You can learn more about this important part of America’s history by visiting the Ford Mansion.

The Ford Mansion is located in Morristown, New Jersey. It is a Georgian style mansion that was built by Jacob Ford Jr., an early American industrialist who made fortunes in gunpowder manufacturing and iron mining. He was also a colonel in the Morris County Militia during the Revolutionary War. General George Washington and his wife, Martha, stayed in the mansion in 1779 and 1780, and they had their winter camp there.

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The Ford Mansion was owned by the Ford family until the 1870s when the Washington Association of New Jersey purchased it and turned it into a historical museum. The National Park Service included the mansion and Jockey Hollow as part of the first national historical park. It was approved by Congress and signed by President Herbert Hoover in 1933.