Piscataway, New Jersey is home to the East Jersey Old Town Village, a historic open-air museum. It is located at 1050 River Rd, Piscataway, NJ 08854. The village is a must-visit attraction for New Jersey residents and visitors alike. It features the history of the region and focuses on the lives of the people who lived there.

The museum is open to the public, and admission is free. It features award-winning exhibits and a collection of historic buildings. It also features seasonal programs and reenactments of Revolutionary War battles. Guests can even enjoy a wagon ride and a live interactive performance of Sleepy Hollow.

The museum’s free admission will allow you to enjoy the town’s rich history while learning about the town’s early years. You’ll find interpreters dressed in period clothing, demonstrations of trades from the 19th and 18th centuries, and reenactors from the Revolutionary War. This historical attraction is open weekends from April to October.

The Kler Reading Room serves as a regional resource for history and genealogy research. It is named after Dr. Joseph Kler, who was responsible for creating the East Jersey Old Town Village. Kler’s efforts resulted in the preservation of many historic buildings in Johnson Park, and the village soon became a cultural center for Central New Jersey. The Kler family continued to be active in the village throughout the years, and contributed financially to the expansion of the Kler Reading Room.

The Three Mile Run Church is another historical landmark in East Jersey Old Town. This building dates back to the early 18th century and has ties to early European pilgrims. Unfortunately, the church has had to undergo reconstruction in 1973, so it is no longer located where it was originally built. To date, it remains a popular destination for historical buffs. See this page

Those interested in the history of the Raritan Valley should not miss the Abraham Staats House. This building is one of the oldest surviving buildings of the Dutch Settlement in the Raritan Valley. The Staats House was the home of the Staats family for almost two centuries. It was also the headquarters of General von Steuben during the Middlebrook Cantonment in 1779. Today, the Staats House is owned by the Borough of South Bound Brook and is supported by the Friends of Abraham Staats House organization. The house is listed on the National and New Jersey Registers of Historic Places.

While visiting the historic village, visitors should also take the time to explore the museum’s living history programs and exhibits. Visitors can also participate in guided tours of various buildings. The museum dates back to 1766 and was bought by the state in the 1950s. It is located in an area once known for ironworks. Weblink

During the Civil War, the USS Lehigh Navy/Marine re-enactment group will interpret the history of the ship’s crew. Guests can also learn about the first Naval Nurse, Sister Veronica of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, who served on the naval hospital ship Red Rover from 1862 to 1865. Another notable historical figure is the Marine Corporal Andrew Tomlin, one of two NJ Marines to receive the Medal of Honor.