Flooring For Schools In NJ

If you need school flooring, Floors Direct can help. We have years of experience specifying and installing commercial flooring for schools. This is one of the many school flooring projects that we have proudly worked on.

Manufacturer: Karndean Design Flooring
Loose Lay Color: Copper Gum
Specs: 10”x41” wide, 20mil wear layer, 4.5 mm thick

School Hallway and Common Area

In January we were contacted by the facilities director at Gill St. Bernards Private School in Gladstone, NJ and asked to provide a quote for this nearly 4000 sq. ft. flooring project that included the common area and the school hallway flooring. The specified material was a direct glue down vinyl plank. This is a “wood look” vinyl plank from Karndean called Loose Lay. Copper Gum, was the schools requested color choice in order to closely match with some existing flooring.

The Timeline

Originally, we had 2 weeks to complete the project before the staff and students arrived back on April 30. With multiple crews assigned we would have met the deadline Unfortunately, there was no need to rush due to the COV-ID19 pandemic and the eventual school closings that happened nationwide. We were grateful to be deemed essential as the project needed to be completed. In order to be safe, we allowed three of our skilled workers to meticulously finish the job under no pressure whatsoever. The only pressure was to stay organized and protected which was the highest priority.

The Flooring Rip-up & Prep

To start, the old glued down carpet and vinyl tile was ripped up and removed. All areas were kept clean and dust free during the process. The rip-up was followed by our preferred 2 part skim coat floor prep system. We filled cracks, feathered edges. and leveled the floor to get it as smooth as possible.

The Installation

This installation included meticulously placed breaks and insets that really set off the look and gave it a little flare. The addition of rubber edgings and transitions along with vinyl cove base, added the finishing touches.

Thanks for checking out our latest project. We hope and pray that you are safe and healthy during this time.
We also want to extend a word of Thanks to all of the great folks at Gill St. Bernards