Commercial VCT & Rubber Stair Treads | Church Flooring | Warren, NJ

Commercial VCT & Rubber Stair Treads | Church Flooring | Warren, NJ

Installation of Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) and Rubber Stair Treads

This church flooring project for Our Lady Of The Mount in Warren, New Jersey included the installation of VCT on the stairwell, corridors, foyer, and landings, and new rubber stair treads on the lower rear entrance steps and risers.

What is VCT, and why is it used in commercial applications?

VCT is a homogeneous, long-lasting flooring product that is composed of limestone and vinyl, as well as fillers, binders, and colorants. Unlike luxury vinyl tile, vinyl composition tile has the same hue or pattern all throughout its body known as through-color or through-pattern. The use of a protective finish helps with regular upkeep and provides protection against abrasion, scratches, and chemicals. VCT can endure significant foot traffic and heavy rolling loads, making it more suited to commercial use.

Tarkett VCT (vinyl composition tile) color: 1367 Sierra Beige

Our crew began by removing and disposing of the existing tile floor. After the rip-up was completed, the concrete subfloors were swept clean and prepped with a skim coat of patch. Next, the tile layout was established and the tile adhesive was spread. The installers then meticulously laid the Tarkett vct in the color that was chosen by the church, Sierra Beige. The landings, foyer, and stairwells also received 4” brown vinyl cove base for the finishing touch.

Why Use Rubber Stair Treads?

Rubber Stair Treads are more durable and suited to commercial buildings, like churches, schools, hospitals, grocery stores, and other high-traffic retail locations. Rubber treads come in a variety of designs, thicknesses, and colors to match any setting. They can dramatically improve traction on any stairwell because they have greater slip resistance than vinyl. Rubber treads have a varied height surface pattern, like diamonds, raised circles, ribs, and even chevron designs like the Johnsonite treads we installed. The textured surface increases slip-resistance and helps in removing dirt and debris from shoes.

Commercial Flooring Contractors in Warren?

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