The city of Bedminster NJ is a national center and is located in the southeast corner of New York State, at the mouth of the Hudson River. The most comfortable months to visit are August and September. The coldest month is January. Bedminster is part of the New York metro area, which is the largest in the United States and includes Manhattan, western Long Island, and Staten Island. The city has a population of 7,949 people.

Bedminster has a rich history that dates back to the early 1800s. The town has many Revolutionary War connections. The town is home to the grave of John Honeyman, an informant for George Washington that provided crucial information that led to Washington’s victory at the Battle of Trenton. The 18th century spy lived to be 93 and is buried in the Lamington Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

Bedminster, New Jersey is located in Somerset County and is one of the most desirable places to live in the state. It is home to the Trump National Golf Club and is located near the township’s Route 202 and Route 206. The town is also home to several other small towns, including Lamington, Pluckemin, and Lower Crossroads. The town has a very diverse population, with many retirees and young professionals living in the town. The town’s schools are highly rated.

When building a new home in Bedminster NJ, it is important to consult with the local zoning office to make sure that any new structure will comply with the town’s regulations. For example, if you are planning to build a new fence, you should get a permit first. This will save you time and money later on.

Bedminster NJ is home to a historic home, the Vanderveer-Knox House, and the Pluckemin Artillery Cantonment Site. The Vanderveer-Knox House, which was used by General Henry Knox during the Revolutionary War, was purchased by the township in 1989 and listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places. The Pluckemin Artillery Park is another historical site, and it is the site where General Henry Knox created the first artillery training academy in the United States. The academy was the precursor to the United States Military Academy. Hop over to here

Bedminster NJ has a population of approximately 8,400. The majority of residents live in the hills, which is an area of high-income housing. The median household income is $96,644, and only four percent of the population lives below the poverty line. Bedminster NJ is not particularly diverse, with over 75% of the population being white. There are also a small number of Hispanic and Asian residents. Three hundred and sixty-five veterans live in Bedminster.

The town is also home to a historic estate where John DeLorean, a famous futuristic automobile, had his estate. This estate is now open space, but the owners of the estate filed for bankruptcy in 1997. Somerset County recently purchased the development rights to the property. Go here for more

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